Moving onward …

How I stay positive 

There are so many people, places and things for me to appreciate today.  The keyword is “TODAY”.

Today, I’m sitting at a very cool (not in temp.) coffee shop in Lawrence, Kansas.   I’m typing my blog, enjoying my fat free latte and every now and then lifting my head to watch people; strange people might I add.  This coffee shop also has a bar, a meeting room called “The Board Room”, an incredibly clean rest room with a heated toilet seat and a children’s play room.  They have thought of everything to draw diverse customers!  They have several comfortable couches, overstuffed chairs, lots of tables and chairs sprinkled throughout the large space; and they even have a stage for weekend entertainment.  Today, Bob and I are sitting on the quiet side of the café, sitting on the very comfy couch. This café is definitely becoming my happy place! 

Today, while drinking a latte and eating pumpkin bread, I spotted an older gentleman I know from my walks downtown; his name is John.  John must be in his 80’s; He is quite the character!  John is a classical guitarist who performs in most of the coffee houses around town.  God love him, He roams around town in his suit and jacket (even when its 95 degrees), telling people stories of his younger days in the music industry.  I also listened to John’s story when I first met him, I believe all people should take time to listen and care for elders; many are lonely and desperate for just a little bit of interaction and/or maybe just a simple smile.    He has a heart of gold.  He once gave me old collectable Russian coin and a CD of his music.

I just noticed the college student in front of us is having tea.

In my opinion, having tea at a coffee shop is NOT right!!!  I’ve tried it; and can no longer partake!  I can’t do it!!!   The tea just doesn’t taste the same to me in a coffee shop. I guess I equate afternoon tea with being in a pretty, small and lace filled cottage in England or Ireland. For me, there’s a special time and place for tea; afternoon and/or evening and a quiet place or tea room.  My favorite tea is Red Rose black tea. 


Notes from the Near Side

By Bob Burch based on our trip back home from the coffee shop

We like jokes and humor. They make life easier. When driving home, when we were in the car on an errand, Lisa saw a person holding a placard that read “God is calling you.” Lisa asked, “I wonder what church they belong to?” I said “The Church of the Telephone.”…She stared at me and then started laughing hysterically.


So, I guess the most positive things in my world today are:

Coffee, Coffee Shop, Blogging in the shop w/ my Computer

And Tis the season for Pumpkin Bread!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Moving onward …

  1. This is the best blog in the series to date. Creative and bright.

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      1. cannot wait to get back to Lawrence to have a cup of joe with the two of you there

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