My Nightmare Interview

Weird… I have always loved being interviewed and interviewing people!   I rarely became nervous interviewing for jobs in over my forty years of working life; I enjoyed the challenge.  I was always prepared; well, except for my “nightmare interview” which I will describe later in this blog.  Interviewing the interviewer was something I did well and they actually respected.  So, it wasn’t a surprise later in my career that I held “Interview and Resume Writing” workshops at several elite private colleges annually.   It was at these same colleges that I offered workshops in “Mock Interviews” as well.  Students were quite uptight about interviews; talking about themselves or talking to the interviewers was hard for them.   

My lessons always focused on being prepared for an interview.  Before an interview, research the company and job description.  This lets them know you care.  This may sound elementary; however, you would be surprised how many people don’t prepare.   It’s my professional opinion that when there’s gaps and silence, interviewees get nervous.  No need…Talk about the job description or company details you researched; dig a little deeper with some questions.

You need to have something to talk about during an interview and you need to feel confident!  In my resume writing workshops I taught the students to include volunteer work as well as work experience.  If just coming out of college, write in detail about their roles on projects…Try to give the interviewer a visual of what you have done.  When at the interview…get excited to talk about those projects and volunteer work.  Talk about your goals or hobbies.  Always have several copies of your resume available in case others join the interview; also keep one for yourself so you can follow along and tell your story.

Being in the Workforce Industry for over thirty-plus years, I always had great stories of interview failures, glitches, and outright crazy funny people who I interviewed.  I never in a million years thought I would be one of those crazy interviews.   I wanted to write this blog on my nightmare interview.  Disclaimer:  I don’t remember many details which is very scary; however, I do know I didn’t get the job and to this day, I’m still extremely embarrassed!  I’m sure the gentleman who interviewed me tells the story today and it was about 20 years ago.  Thankfully, he was from out of town.

Let me set this up for you.  I was employed at the time.  A gentleman from an international consulting firm contacted me and wanted to interview me for a great job opportunity.  He called me while in KC on business, told me he was at the KC airport and would love to meet with me.   I explained that I was feeling under the weather, getting over bronchitis; yet, he still wanted to meet.  I agreed.  The airport was 40 minutes from my home; all highway. 

My cough was nasty!  So, I took some cough syrup and put on my face.  Dressed in one of my best suits and heels.  I was as ready as ready could be…so I thought.  I was half way to the airport when I discovered that I forgot my resumes.  Then, I started feeling strange, like I was drunk!  I haven’t felt that way for over 25 years (I’m a recovering Alcoholic).  Upon my arrival to the airport conference center, I believe I was lucky to find my Interviewer.  I was totally unaware of how my body would react to the cough syrup!   First things first, I told the gentleman that my printer was down at home; so, I had to use the printer at the conference center to print my resume (LIE). 

He directed me to the computer room.  By this time, I lost all control of my faculties.; I was intoxicated!  I couldn’t remember any of my passwords to get on my network.  It took me about an hour I’m guessing?  The only things I remember from this point on is throwing my phone across the table at the nice gentleman and telling him to “find my resume on my phone (OMG).”  God only knows what else I said.

Well, I’m not sure how I got to my car!  Or how I drove 40-45 minutes, on 3 different highways home from the airport convention center?  You can say, “Jesus took the wheel”.   I tried to follow up with the gentleman a day later; yet, he wouldn’t take my call.  I can’t say that I blame him.  This was my nightmare interview…one that I can’t remember, but will never forget!

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