The Pandemic Thaw

I never thought I would live through a pandemic; however, I’m doing it now.  So far, I haven’t contracted  the virus; knock on wood.  Some of our family has, but luckily, weren’t hospitalized.  The Covid Virus Pandemic has put most of the world into a state of hibernation for over a year now.  Some irresponsible and selfish humans have gone on as they normally would spreading their germs all over the place!  Discounting the number of people who have died so far.   Over 524,000 Americans have died from the virus and we are still counting (the numbers going up drastically everyday.   This winter has been a depressing one!  Usually, one can get out to shop, go to the movies, eat at your favorite restaurants, see family and friends; not with Covid lurking around each corner, hiding in every craves, sticking on every surface and splattering out of each mouth.

It’s March 8th and Americans are now being asked to wear double masks.  Vaccines are slowly being distributed by state; Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are being given in Kansas.  There are now 4 different variants of the virus; some stronger than others.   People of 65 are currently receiving their first shot out of two.

The thaw began last week.  My local weatherman told me it was going to be warm outside, sunny and beautiful weather to get out and walk!  Keep in mind, the week before we suffered below zero temperatures for seven days; frosted windows, numb fingers and tingling toes!  Kansas always has crazy fluctuating temperatures.   I felt like a turtle coming out of its shell for the first-time; a bear after its winter hibernation last week.  Knowing it was about 50 degrees outside, I put on my North Face Vest then slowly opened my front storm door and walked onto my front porch.  I have to say, I wasn’t sure I was ready mentally to come out.

Upon opening my front door, with my double masks on, I was able to enjoy the fresh air, brown leaf shrubs, the salty brick sidewalks, and a white car that needed to be cleaned in the street.   Some of the bulbs were starting to peek from the flower beds; Daffodils and Tulips perhaps?    My rose bushes were just starting to get their leaves and the thorns were red; a sign of Spring indeed.  Our Maple tree that stands in front of our home, still had it’s leaves from last Fall.  Last but not least, the oodles of squirrels scurrying around.

What did I do inside for over a year?  Well, I read many books, watched many movies, binged many TV shows, cleaned out closets and drawers, napped and then napped again!  One new activity I started was writing this blog.   I purchased more house plants to take care of.  Rearranged furniture on occasion to shake things up.  And napped again!

I have missed the luxury of getting my hair cut.  I believe a lifetime of past hair dye has grown out of my hair now!  I’m styling’ long curly hair, a silver- gray color with a darker back undercoat; not so bad.  I’m at the stage of scheduling a hair appointment; now of a major decision…should I cut my hair short or keep it long?   Once I have my second shot…I will also schedule a colonoscopy; ugh!

The town I live in has been a ghost town since last March.  The shops and restaurants empty, the streets empty and hardly any signs of life around.  Neighbors are just starting to come out of their homes to walk, do yardwork and chat with masks on of course.  People have been depressed from not being able to socialize.   Most like me, have had their groceries delivered for over a year.  We have been subjected to attend church via online services.  Kids aren’t playing in the neighborhood; so sad.   It’s now considered dangerous to chat or just greet the Amazon or UPS person.

I read a news article stating it was the first time in hundreds of years the Venice, Italy had fish back in the canals.  I’m sure in some crazy way the environment benefited off the pandemic.

I can’t wait to socialize with family and friends, eat out, go shopping, and just feel free again.

The 20th of April I got my second shot!!!  What does this mean for me… Well, after three days of aches and pains, fever, chills, and outright exhaustion; I can now go into stores, attend my grandkids sporting events, small events, coffee shops, and speak to neighbors with my mask still on.  I’m going to still hold off on travelling anywhere until new cases calm down a bit.   

My first haircut is scheduled for the 25th of May.  I had my house professionally cleaned.  Bought some overdo undergarments IN a store.  Lunch dates & coffee dates have been scheduled.  It’s like the world is opening again.  I see it as a fern unravelling its leaves. 

I’m now getting ready to plant my vegetable garden. Until the next time!

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