My Ocular Odysseus

It was on March 17, 2020.  To millions of people it was St Patrick’s Day; to me it was Day one of my journey with double vision.   I woke up, put on my slippers, walked into the kitchen on auto pilot and noticed there were two coffee pots!  It couldn’t be?!?  I rubbed my eyes and looked again; the same thing appeared.  I poured my coffee, went into the family room; looked to my right and there were two Bob’s.  I took my blood glucose reading to make sure my sugar level wasn’t high and it wasn’t.  So, what was making my vision double?

I suffer from vertigo on occasion and double vision comes along with it; however, I get many other symptoms with that.  I also suffer with Hemiplegic Migraines; sometimes getting blurry vision with that!  But this was different.  I called my doctor the next day and he told me to come into his office that day.  He diagnosed me with Abducens Sixth Nerve Palsy and suggested that I meet with my eye doctor which I did and he confirmed the diagnosis and told me it could take three to six months to resolve its self.  I had to wear an eye patch in order to see.  He told me it was likely caused by the Shingles virus I just got over.  Abducens Sixth Nerve Palsy can also be caused by diabetes, strokes, brain tumors and other viruses.  He also told me if I have any stroke like symptoms, don’t fool around, get to the hospital Immediately.

The most common causes of sixth cranial nerve palsy are stroke, trauma, viral illness, brain tumor, infection, inflammation, migraines and elevated pressure inside the brain.

The Dr. told me there would be several ways to take care of the problem: let it take care of itself; surgery; prism glasses; and eye movement therapy.  I was also told and read that it usually takes three to six months to take care of its self; using an eye patch.  I have been wearing an eye patch. 

I have always taken my eyesight for granted; not anymore!  If one more person walks by me in the grocery store and says “URGGH”, I will scream.  People even told me I looked sexy with my eye patch on…like I cared if they thought I looked sexy!  It was such a scary experience for me to think I wouldn’t be able to see correctly again.  I couldn’t read or blog with one eye, it gave me headaches.

My Sixth Nerve Palsy took 6 months to finally clear up.  I thank God my eyes are back to normal everyday!  I will treat my eyesight as a blessing daily as well.

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