The Haven’s Garden

It’s September 30th, 2021.  The sky is blue, there’s a slight breeze, and my husband Bob just tore out my last pepper, tomatoes, corn and melons plants.   It’s my favorite season; however, I hate to see my garden die.   

This year’s harvests were plentiful!  We had many Pear Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Roma’s & Beefsteaks.  I planted one cucumber plant and should have planted more; they tasted amazing!!!  Next year I plan on planting three.   As for the tomatoes, I will be planting more Pear Tomatoes; they were so different, sweet, and didn’t have many seeds which I prefer.  I will also plant the Beefsteaks and Heirlooms again.  The Roma’s didn’t really have much of a taste to them.  The peppers were also amazing!  The taste is so much better than store purchased.  The honeydew melons were delicious too!

My herb garden consisted of Rosemary, Thyme and Cilantro.   The Cilantro died early in the Spring and I used the other spices all spring and summer.  I also dried both to use during the winter.

I believe my garden was successful because of the soil and how we composted it all winter long.  Leaves, soil, coffee grinds, egg shells, veggie scraps, stale bread, grass cuttings, banana peels, and other plant trimmings.  Then in the spring, I will have it turned.  I will plant seedlings and plants.

It’s such a joy being able to walk out my door and cut fresh lettuce, cucumber, pepper, and tomatoes for my evening salad!  I used tomatoes to make homemade pizzas this year,  My peppers were delicious in my farmers omelet’s.

Next season I’m going to plant again, it’s what I do.

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